Friday, September 29, 2006

My friend Buddy

Do you ever notice how God just works things together? Nothing is coincidence with Him. Yesterday, I happen to take a call outside when, this beautiful spaniel runs past me. Now dogs on our campus is not unusual, but normally, they are dragging their human behind. This guy was free as a bird. My first attempt to catch him failed miserably, but he came back to me after running in the opposite direction. I grabbed his collar, found his tag. Thank God for owners who put tags on their pets. This guy's name was Buddy. I brought him inside the church (again, not a unusual thing- we have member who is always bringing her dog into the building). We called his owners to come pick him up. It is amazing that the dog made it to our campus- he lived on the other side of a busy main street! I have no idea where his owners are spiritually, but I pray that through this act, they may be more open to Christianity.

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